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Sabtu, 9 Oktober 2010

Many Leave the Kampung for the City, How about now taking a Holiday in a kampung Resort?

Traditional delight: Modern methods
are being used to make dodol.
Kampung Kuala Medang Kuala Lipis, a typical traditional Malay village is a perfect hideaway for tourists.
The village is 51km from Lipis town, a former capital of Pahang. It is located in the hinterland amidst fast-flowing rivers, rapids and pristine jungles.
It can also be reached via Raub town from Kuala Lumpur or directly through Lipis town from Jerantut.
Ever since the village started its homestay programme five years ago, it has received more than 5,000 foreign visitors, mainly from Sweden, South Korea and Singapore.

According to village headman Mohd Razaki Abdul Razak, last year, there were 2,040 visitors who joined the programme, staying with the villagers as their foster parents and taking part in the daily activities.
Razaki said the number was actually increasing as more villagers take part in the programme. Currently, 71 have signed up.
“There are terms for the villagers to follow to ensure visitors have a pleasant stay. Cleanliness and a hospitable spirit are requirements,” Razaki said.
The homestay programme in Kampung Kuala Medang is one of the events offered in the package by KTM Bhd with the co-operation of the state.
Recently, pressmen visited the village to experience what is being offered.
The visitors included State Arts, Culture, Tourism, Women and Family Development Committee chairman Datuk Maznah Mazlan, KTM inter-city strategic businesses and services unit general manager Sarbini Tijan, KTM inter-city services division marketing manager Mohd Noordin Kimi, former Pahang Tourism Malaysia director Jefri Munir and Jelai assemblyman Datuk Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail.
Golden sight: The paddy fields are an added bonus to a stay in
Kampung  Kuala Medang

Razaki said visitors at present go to Kuala Medang by road.
With the efforts undertaken by the state and KTM, they could now also take a ride on the train from Kuala Lumpur to Lipis town or Gua Musang in Kelantan and then travel by road to the village.
He said Kampung Kuala Medang was known for its dodol, kuih bahulu, serbuk kunyit and noodles, made by members of the Kuala Medang Women Development Group.
“Their products are not only marketed to the locals but also to places outside the village. It is an additional source of income for them and, with the homestay programme, they could have customers from overseas too,” Razaki said.
He said other attractions in the village including jus salak (juice extracted from salak fruits), halwa, emping, bubur gula kabung and the mat-making using mengkuang leaves.
“The fast flowing river is another attraction here, and visitors could tackle the rapids on boat in Sungai Jelai,” he said.
Tranquil pastime: Fishing is a popular activity in the village.

Razaki said visitors normally spend three days and two nights under the package but there were some who would return on their own later to spend more time with the villagers.
“Basically, the package would include taking part in activities with the villagers, a visit to the waterfall in Jeram Tema, experiencing tapping rubber trees, oil farm harvesting, demonstrations of raft making, traditional performances of dances, silat, cooking and traditional games.
“The visitors would find themselves immersed in the activities and that is partly why some of them would return for more.”
Razaki said those wishing to sign up for homestay could call him at 012-9005828 or 09-3403046. Alternatively, they could find more details online at

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