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Jumaat, 18 September 2020

Malayan Special Force (MSF) Congo 1960


60 years ago, on 12 September 1960, Malaysia (then Malaya ) contributed a Special Force for UN Peacekeeping operation in the Congo. Called the Malayan Special Force (MSF) it consisted primarily of A, B and C Coys 4 R Malay Regt. It became truly multiracial with the inclusion of C Sqn 2 Recce Regt (40% non) plus one Signal Tp, Fed Signals Regt and elements of Supply & Transport, Ordnance and Workshop. The man honoured to command this Force was Lt Col Ungku Nazaruddin Ungku Mohamed (Bruno). 

12 September 1960 was the day 4 R Malay motored up from Mentakab and C Sqn 2 Recce from Port Dickson and the others 'marry up' at Imphal Camp, near Mindef to begin a two week intensive training for the Congo mission.

The MSF had a compliment of 43 officers including 3 honorary officers, 2 from MFU and one from Radio Malaya, while 2 officers were seconded to HQ ONUC (Maj Abdul Jamil Ahmad and Capt Khong Kim Kong). Sadly, Father Time had taken a toll on the majority. Today only 8 of us are still standing tall !!

Tanah Tumpahnya Darah Ku
Tan Siew Soo, Lt Col (rtd), ARMOUR

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