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Isnin, 30 September 2019

Translation Services ( English-Arabic-German)

Dear Madam/Sir


My name is Nasri. I am from Syria. I am 56 years old. I am a Graduate in Economics. I speak fluently English, German and Arabic. My basic principles in life are love, peace and tolerance. I declare herewith my readiness to offer translation services or any other editing services (English-Arabic-German) to you per mail, or per "Whats App", for just some very little money per "Western Union". "Western Union", definitely .. since all banks and other financial institutions in my land Syria are almost totally down and out of service because of the horrible war, except "Western Union", which has branches and offices in all countries and cities around the world, including your country and your city, and where you don't need at the "Western Union" office in your city more than my name and my country to do your transfer, and where you get directly the transfer number (MTCN number), which you send me please then per mail, in order for me to be able to receive this transfer, at the "Western Union" office in my Location (Damascus-Syria), and this is totally simply how the "Western Union" transfer goes on, and it could be really even faster than the bank transfer, since transferring and then receiving the money would not take in whole more than one hour. This horrible and catastrophic war in my poor land Syria, has entered now its 8th year. 

I am actually trying to get any mail or any address I can from net or from any other source, to whom I could send my message. I am really writing to you, dear beloved Madam/Sir, with a sore and depressed lump in the throat. Before about two years, I lost my house, my family and my job, because of the horrible war. I also lost some of my sight during the war, because I used to be directly exposed to a very hot and intensive smoke caused by an explosion of an explosive device a few meters only far from me. This has also caused me a near-chronic partial damage to my lungs and my respiratory system, due to the huge amount of thick and black smoke, that i have inhaled at that time, and I hasn't been able to get out of the huge cloud of thick and black smoke that has surrounded me, till a few minutes have passed. During these minutes, I could see nothing in front of me at all, except that thick and black smoke, and I hasn't been able at that time to determine, in which direction i should go, to get out of that black and thick smoke that has surrounded me almost entirely. The absolute majority of job opportunities, dear Madam/Sir, are currently no longer available in my land Syria. So I have thought a lot about that, and found, that I have absolutely to rely on myself, and do or work any legal work I can do, since my little last savings are about to come to end, and I am coming really very soon to be in a serious need for food and medicament, especially for my sick mother.

If you think, dear Madam/Sir, you might need my services, which i offer, so get please in contact with me. Otherwise I would be too thankful for you, if you might please forward my message to any two persons of your choice. Despite namely of sending this letter many times, I haven't got yet till now any single request for translation or editing from anyone at all. Thank you very much.

Feel please totally free, my dear Madam/Sir, to contact with me if you want. My infos below:

M. Samer Nasri


Whats App: 00963 932 603295

Birth date: 21-03-1963

Damascus – Syria

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